Servers and Storage

Servers and Storage

Your Business is required to deliver service to your customers 24hrs hence, the need for dedicated Servers to perform no other task besides server tasks. Agility and Reliability are key requirements and that's what your business requires more than anything.

Data, and the storage of data, is a fundamental component of computing. Cloud Access provides a wide range of storage options; whether you require network-level storage in the form of a Storage Area Network (SAN) or Network Attached Storage (NAS), cloud data storage for essential offsite backup or Hard Drives (HDD), Solid State Drives (SSD) or Secure Digital (SD) cards to beef up device storage. Cloud Access has close relationships with the leading storage producers which, combined with our team of a highly qualified, highly experienced team of engineers ensures that we provide safe, secure, and reliable data storage solutions at market-leading prices.

As well as supplying the necessary hardware and software for a server and storage infrastructure, Cloud Access provides a complete infrastructure solution, from initial consultation and survey through to supply, installation, training, and management, using our teams of fully qualified, high-level engineers and ICT technicians. We also provide full after-sales support, including training and enhanced swap-out warranties, to minimize any downtime.

Our team combines technical expertise with innovative resource strategies to design and maintain cost-effective business systems. Operational efficiencies are achieved by automating business processes, consolidating technologies, and leveraging existing tools wherever possible. Implementation projects are approached with larger strategic goals in mind, taking into account long-term support requirements as well as trends in the rapidly evolving enterprise computing sphere.
Cloud Access Server team provides the technical resources and expertise required to engineer streamlined business solutions to include but not limited to:

  • Project Management
  • Requirements analysis
  • Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Hardware and/or infrastructure provisioning and support
  • Database administration
  • System administration
  • Application hosting
  • Server virtualization
  • Cloud backups
  • System capacity planning